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Running into reality



In the New York Times today there was a picture of rebel fighters morning over the body of their fallen leader. As I read the caption under the picture I realized how disconnected I’ve become from the world around me. There was a time when believed I understood the plight of the migrant farmer and the pain of the oppressed. How did I lose that understanding? Have I become complacent? I’ve traveled across the world to comfort the persecuted and have witnessed first hand racial and political oppression. But now it seems that all I can focus on is the upcoming summer and the work at hand. The older I get the more I’m starting to understand that the little I really know. I don’t know if this is wisdom or just ignorance? My life has been on a collision course toward understanding. For the last month I’ve been walking or riding my bike to work. During this time I’ve noticed things that driving wouldn’t have allowed. I’ve felt the hot sun on my brow, the smell of Jasmine in the day and the cool from shadows as I walk underneath trees. It seems that my fixation of rising gas prices and been remedied…at least for now. All this walking and riding my bike must have dulled my driving senses or that’s what I would like to think. On my way home last week I ran into another car with my truck that Jen and I just and I mean just paid off. I worked five plus years trying to pay my truck off and the moment I do I get into an accident, which leads me to my point; there are things out of my control (I must note that stopping on time while driving is in my control and probably should have been done just before my accident). But there things that are within my control, like caring for this earth and for the inhabitants of it. I know that I won’t learn every element of political unrest and of every violation that a corporation makes against our earth, but I can be aware of the world around me rekindle the fire that wants to burn deep with my soul. I believe that we are a people of advantage whether by chance or design, but never the less there are those without advantage and we should not be ignorant of that and we should not live our lives ignorant to that.