Did you just Foy?

img_1519Grown men in their circa 1942 wool uniforms reigned supreme as the reenacted Battle of Foy raged on at Camp Roberts Army Base. The eerie sight of swastikas waving in the wind caught everyone off guard. Entire barracks were filled with Nazi paraphernalia unobstructed to the eye. Men smoking pipes while cleaning their Mausers, others riding their vintage WWII bikes. It was like I landed smack-dab in the middle of a Nazi camp. The continual rows of barracks made me feel small and out of place. I was the bird on the wire looking down at the children playing army. At times I found myself wanting to see the Americans or Brits, but no luck just the 3rd Reich and all their creepy toys. When the German Army decided to go back home from their long weekend of playing guns their wives/girlfriends came to pick them up, and well…


Yes! They were also dressed like they were from the 40’s! I’m assuming that their little German boys needed consoling after their loss. It was truly Americans playing war and actually not too far from reality, but I wonder what kind of person dons the garb of the Waffen Schutzstaffel? What kind of person chooses to be a Nazi?


It was strange by all accounts.



  Jen wrote @

I love this little story from your life, and I agree,

  matt wrote @

I’m part of the gummi bear army.

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