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The Old House


One day I’ll become an old house; my once bright paint will fade from time and splinter from seasons of sun and rain. Years of rebuilding will change me and I will no longer look the same. My foundation will need support from the stress of years past.

I hope to be a good old house. I hope others will find me inviting, I hope to see children play and hope to provide shelter. Under my roof I will kindle love for my wife and children. I will set out to remain constant even though the landscape may change. I will keep my lights on so that my loved ones can find their way home. I will weather whatever comes so that my love can rest her head.

I see that old house; seemingly alone, but not empty.


Did you just Foy?

img_1519Grown men in their circa 1942 wool uniforms reigned supreme as the reenacted Battle of Foy raged on at Camp Roberts Army Base. The eerie sight of swastikas waving in the wind caught everyone off guard. Entire barracks were filled with Nazi paraphernalia unobstructed to the eye. Men smoking pipes while cleaning their Mausers, others riding their vintage WWII bikes. It was like I landed smack-dab in the middle of a Nazi camp. The continual rows of barracks made me feel small and out of place. I was the bird on the wire looking down at the children playing army. At times I found myself wanting to see the Americans or Brits, but no luck just the 3rd Reich and all their creepy toys. When the German Army decided to go back home from their long weekend of playing guns their wives/girlfriends came to pick them up, and well…


Yes! They were also dressed like they were from the 40’s! I’m assuming that their little German boys needed consoling after their loss. It was truly Americans playing war and actually not too far from reality, but I wonder what kind of person dons the garb of the Waffen Schutzstaffel? What kind of person chooses to be a Nazi?


It was strange by all accounts.

Frankie’s War

Just a little FYI for you to consider. I came into your place today to swim and couldn’t because the water was too hot! The thermometer said 93 degrees! Also, the sun was coming through the window and burning my skin. Can’t you put up a shade or something? What are you guys trying to do, burn us alive? I am a Korean War Veteran! Even though that war was HELL, it was never as hot as this place!!!