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Frankie and Hattie

I was in the pool a while back with my friend Hattie. I saw this person walking by. I said “hey Hattie, who’s that?” She said “that’s John”. Then I said “John who?” Then she said “John Smith!” I said “What!?” That can’t be him; he’s not wearing a cap! She said “No, I think that’s him!” I said “Nah!” We debated this issue for over an hour. Finally he walked right up to us and said “is there a problem here?” This imposter frightened me and I had to swim away. Poor Hattie.


Frankie and a cup of Sanka



Well, well, well. I was reading a comment a few weeks ago about grown women wearing skimpy outfits showing their cleavage and mid-drifts. And it’s not appropriate for you kids to see this. Well I can tell you that a few of my women’s wear what they can get…and usually these are hand-me-downs or something they purchased at the Salvation Army Store. I came Tuesday morning and was greeted by a bunch of seniors in the lobby had only in their bathing suits. Anyways, to see all this half exposed wrinkled flesh at that time of the morning hurt my eyes. Actually later that morning I lost my breakfast! Every morning I have a bowl of grape-nuts with ½ a banana (sliced up) and a cup of Sanka. I found that Ralph’s has the best price on Sanka. I always trade there. But…I digress. It’s bad enough that they are down on their luck, but to have a busy body point it out…Lordy, what’s this world coming to?