8 Tickets

Some of my favorite things about Halloween are:

The orange-yellowish glow of a lit pumpkin illuminating a carved face.

Candy Corn and Plastic Pumpkins.

Children dressed as some type of fruit or animal.

Trick-or-treaters that are way too old to be trick-or-treating.

Small voices saying “trick-or-treat”.

Having an excuse to listen to creepy music.

The day after (Dia De Los Muertos).

Bags of candy.

Houses that pass out large size snickers bars.

The sound of leaves being stepped on in the dark.

Eating all the “good” candy first.

Knowing that it’s Fall.

Matt’s annual pumpkin carving contest.

A Nightmare Before Christmas.

Celebrating the holiday with my girlfriend.




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  Jen Thompson wrote @

If you trick-or-treated me, I would give you Phish Phood.

all my love baby.

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