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snowshoes and cowboy boots

If streets were made of marshmallow then they would be safe to drive on; cars would be made out of cinnamon graham crackers and have Ritz wheels. Fire hydrants would be filled with butterscotch and soft caramel. If streets were made from marshmallow then I would make shoes out of licorice rope and dandelions.


Frankie The Korean War Veteran


I was reading a comment the other day where the author (a woman) was whining about the soap dispensers being empty in the ladies locker room for a “long time”. Well, Well, talk about a “long time”…I complained about 2 years ago about there not being shower curtains in the men’s locker room. Was anything done? NO! Actually, I could care less if the men’s had shower curtains. We don’t need them! We’re secure in our birthday suits which the Good Lord gave us. It’s just that when Frankie heard that the woman’s had shower curtains…and they hand “mold” on them, well that was it. That was the last straw! How long do we have to cater to these cry babies? Why are us men’s always discriminated against? WE MATTER! See what complaining about anything around here does, ladies? Join the club and toughen up a little, will you? My God…bring your own bar of soap from home. “When life gives you lemons…make lemonade!”