A Bunch of Pollocks


My office at work has got to be the ugliest hole this side of the Mississippi. The general response for a first time visitor is a sarcastic “nice office!” or “you really need to decorate!” I know what you’re wondering, what does it look like? Well, how can one describe such grandeur? How can someone really describe a painting from Jackson Pollock?


As I survey this glorious landscape I can see numerous holes on all four walls of this awesome work space. I don’t know what all the holes are for, but I think that if you play connect the dots they make a beautiful mural of a stars illuminating the Paris skyline on a crisp winter night. Sometimes I even feel blessed because  not only does my office serve as a beautiful work space, but also as a wonderful storage closet. As I look I can see really fun things like soccer goals, books for 2nd through 5th graders, DVD’s on parenting, half used paper, gift baskets belonging to people I don’t know and even program manuals on programs I don’t run. My paperwork has built up so high that I can envision it looking like a contraption from a Dr. Seuss book. Yep, this side of the Mississippi…So, I invite you to come and join me in my office/closet. We can always play with the mini sized basketball, blue handball or one of the baseballs sitting on my top shelf of my book case.


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