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Rock out…

It’s a known fact that 2,393 miles separate Los Angeles from Philadelphia and in a few hours my brother and sister-in-law will be back home and 2,393 miles from my home in Los Angeles. It was hard saying goodbye this morning knowing that soon we will be separated by almost an entire length of a continent. As I drove to work I was thankful that I got to spend time with my brother, I was thankful that for a weekend my family was whole again. It was a beautiful thing seeing my mother completely ecstatic as Chris and Kate came down the escalator at LAX. It seemed to renew my mom; it gave her an energy that I haven’t seen in quite some time. Though separated by distance Chris and I are much of the same person with the same sense of humor, thoughts and even mannerisms, which I’ve learned can make for a fun and yet inappropriate time when we get together.


It’s good to be together again.



I’m learning that life has a funny way of manifesting itself through family and how often I forget how important family is to the spiritual wellness of human life. Families are like the tiny little sea creatures in tide pools, drawn open and laid bare by the ebbing tide and yet completely dependent on its return for renewal.   


A Bunch of Pollocks


My office at work has got to be the ugliest hole this side of the Mississippi. The general response for a first time visitor is a sarcastic “nice office!” or “you really need to decorate!” I know what you’re wondering, what does it look like? Well, how can one describe such grandeur? How can someone really describe a painting from Jackson Pollock?


As I survey this glorious landscape I can see numerous holes on all four walls of this awesome work space. I don’t know what all the holes are for, but I think that if you play connect the dots they make a beautiful mural of a stars illuminating the Paris skyline on a crisp winter night. Sometimes I even feel blessed because  not only does my office serve as a beautiful work space, but also as a wonderful storage closet. As I look I can see really fun things like soccer goals, books for 2nd through 5th graders, DVD’s on parenting, half used paper, gift baskets belonging to people I don’t know and even program manuals on programs I don’t run. My paperwork has built up so high that I can envision it looking like a contraption from a Dr. Seuss book. Yep, this side of the Mississippi…So, I invite you to come and join me in my office/closet. We can always play with the mini sized basketball, blue handball or one of the baseballs sitting on my top shelf of my book case.


Even though pictures fade from light they still retain the same image, just less vivid. A picture of my grandparents, less vivid, less sharp, but no less beautiful.