Damaged hair and flying Corsairs

This summer I’ve learned that to 6th graders the argument isn’t about damaged hair, but the lack of kindness within a friendship. I’ve began to realize that nothing really changes, feeling are feeling regardless of how legitimate someone thinks they are. The only thing that really changes is the outlet of the argument. We evolve from damaged hair to the bitter disappointment of unspoken expectations. On our way to a baseball game I explained to Matt and Jen that the older I get the more I realize how little I really know and understand. Matt went on to tell me that maybe in some strange way that was actually wisdom. Well, I must be really wise. I believe that there are times when relationships become hard and we have to grit our teeth to press through. I need to remember that I must constantly let go and allow grace. About a week a go I went to an air museum in Chino. I was able to see vintage WW II air plains that were perfectly restored and in flying condition. As I looked at the Hellcat, the Mustang, the Wildcat and even a B-17, I was secretly disappointed that I didn’t get to see a Corsair. Despite seeing all these amazing planes I dwelled on my disappointment. I wonder why that is? Why is it that we so often forget to look at the good and only see the bad? I think that it’s about time that I celebrate those attributes in people that I see and not dwell on the things I don’t. I should celebrate the lives around me and the time that God has given me with those whom I love.


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  matt wrote @

Amen. Well-said brother. I took a walk late last night and was thinking about this same thing.

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