Learning Curve

There will be no amount of textual variants, grammatical or syntactical issues that will bring me closer in understanding. The Dispensational and Covenantal has only left me confused. Expectations of self have wrought disillusionment and failed deadlines have solidified my need for others.

In these hours I long for the vast tea fields and the reflection of cumulus upon the rice paddies. It is in these hours that I long to touch the fragile Bloodgood and examine its wondrous shades of crimson.

I always seem to forget that the earth rotates without my permission. I forget that I am sustained by grace and that while depraved I am simultaneously made new. I must remember that the first step of silence starts by listening.

The learning curve is exponential.



  Jen Thompson wrote @

This is good. You’re being transparent in a very vague way, and I like it!
And I like you because you care about the names of clouds and the names of trees and their leaves.
Growth is paramount to it all including: being on top, having it figured out, destiny, fate, career, etc. (all the big goal-ish things we spend so much time talking about). All that stuff will be wiped from the slate on the day of the Lambs Book and we will be asked plainly, did we strive? And therefore, did we change while we were here? And furthermore, did we change others on account of our change?
In the end, I figure, an openness to growth and then the action of growing , is what counts. Everything else is just details. Grace allows our hollow roots to grow in the midst of a very dry and depraved state… the miracle of my life and yours.
You make me love the grace of God. Thank you, love.

  csmounday wrote @

Thank you for such kind words. I think you’re able to explain things in a way that I cannot (even in your comments). I am truly blessed by your words and love.

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