Manifold Engagement



With each step I can feel the blisters on the bottoms of my feet getting bigger and bigger; I would stop and tend to them but there is not time for sympathy or rest…I must push on. Like a crack in a dam the sensation of pain begins to break through any barrier; my body wants to rest, but I won’t allow it. My muscles ache and my jaw is clenched tight with determination. It’s a battle of the mental over the physical, but my victory is found in the spiritual. The salt from my sweat begins to burn my eyes and my mouth is parched from dehydration. In the midst of my run I can feel the lactic acid slowly pour through my body. I ask myself “is it time to stop?” and far too often the answer is no. Then something unexplainable happens…My sweat becomes sweet, my pain becomes pleasure and my muscles now ache with joy. The dam has broken and my heart is now flooded with peace. My spirit has been lifted by a strength that is far greater than I could have ever imagined. My body is weak, but yet has strength, my mind is weary, but yet is renewed. My soul’s determination has been blessed by my companion; we run together stride for stride anticipating the finish. My souls is fed by this manifold engagement…The sun speaks to me, the trees shade me, the pavement invites me to go further, the birds whisper my name, unspoken words bring life to my heavy legs, sweat becomes my fuel, and the grimace is now a smile. When the journey ends I will wipe the sweat from my eyes and say these four words…“that kicked my ass!”



  Jen Thompson wrote @

excuse me, but I think it’s “that kicked my AAAAAAss.”
I have always loved your knack for describing bodily functions. In this post you take it to a spiritual level… I never thought!
Thanks for proving me wrong.

  Amanda wrote @

I love the way you write! You have inspired me to run again, well at least to “want to” run again.

  matt wrote @

don’t take that medicine… IT’S BAD FOR YA!!!!!!!!!!!

  matt wrote @

P.S. good post.

  matt wrote @

what happened to the trapeze swinger? i liked that one.

  csmounday wrote @

so did I

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