Soul Craving


With no regard toward man or industry the pine trees sway back and forth in nature’s perfect rhythm,

Their needles gracefully fall on the fertile ground covering it like manna from the heavens.

The cool wind rushes through the canopy singing of God’s grace and harmony.

Halted by the thunderous sound of falling water, I find stillness and serenity.

Gnarled tree roots reach deep into the ground with anticipation of weathering the oncoming storm,

My hope blooms with every passing moment.

The warmth of the fire delights my flesh, but contentment delights my heart.

Breathtaking vistas humbly remind me of grace, love, redemption and freedom,

While the forging of new relationships gives light into the dark places within.

Illuminated by the rising moon our faces reflect the sovereignty of God.

It is here that I come broken before my maker…just as I am,

And it is here that I begin to understand…I am loved.


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  matt wrote @

like manna from the heavens…

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