I can still remember that warm summer day in my brother’s garden. I remember the bright sun shinning down on us and the cool from the shade that the trees provided. I remember listening to the birds sing in perfect harmony with each other as they flew from tree to tree. I could feel the vast acres of green grass and tall old oaks call my name; nature’s simplistic yet complex beauty was calling me to rest. I can still taste the sweetness of the fresh raspberries we picked from the bush. I can still feel the communion with my brother as we picked the raspberries and tried not to smash the fragile fruit that had been warmed by the summer sun. I know that we both thought the same thing as the raspberries just seemed to melt in our mouths…the moment seemed perfect, it seemed too good to be true. As I look back I can see God’s perfect grace filling our hearts and the beauty of His love running through our veins. We were so undeserving of that moment and yet completely blessed by it.


 As I walked from one garden plot to the next, I ran into a man named Percy. Percy lived in Philadelphia all of his live and had been gardening in the same spot far before my existence. There was some hesitance on my part as he invited me in to “take a look”, but I naturally couldn’t resist. I was amazed at his perfectly formed rows of dirt and how the string that was held up by two sticks did not deviate too far to the left or the right. Percy’s garden put all the other gardens to same…Percy meant business. As I stood and quietly watched Percy carefully plant his garden, I could tell that every action he took was done out of love. His wrinkled brown hands placed each plant in the dirt like a surgeon’s carefully place scalpel. The sweat that dripped off his darkened forehead and onto the ground gave life to the garden and in return the garden thanked him with its vibrant blooms and luscious fruit. As Percy stopped to rest he looked at me and said “drink?” while lifting up his cooler filled with every imaginable off brand soda. I remember saying “no thanks…I have to go”, but the strange thing was that I didn’t. Still to this day I don’t know why I didn’t have a drink with Percy, but I wish that I had. I wish I could have enjoyed the fast approaching dusk with Percy. I wish I could have talked to him a little bit more about his wonderful garden.


I often ask my brother if he has seen Percy at the garden, but the usual response is no. My brother hasn’t seen Percy for some time now and his beautiful garden now has weeds and is overgrown. I really didn’t know Percy but I still remember him, I still remember the way he looked and how he loved his garden. I still remember that warm summer day and how it seemed perfect. I can still remember the peace and the presence of God. A garden needs a gardener just as we need God. A garden must be tended to just as we need to be tended to. As the gardener tends to their garden they will eventually see its fruits and as Christ tends to us we will eventually yield His.


Breathe in the grace of God.


Thanks Percy.



  Bob Karau wrote @

Thank you for your Spirit-led insight –

May I use excerpts of this in an email on God’s presence to people in my church if I correctly credit you as the author.


  csmounday wrote @

I would be absolutely honored if you used excerpts from my writing. Thank you for your compliments and consideration.


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