Even as I write the word “Home” I don’t know what I should think or feel. It’s such a powerful word invoking numerous emotions. For some home is a place of comfort and where they feel loved, and for others it’s a place of anguish and pain. Home should be a place of rest; it should be a place where we can take refuge from all the pain in this world. It should be understood that the true sense of the word can only be found in Christ. Home isn’t where we sleep, it isn’t where we eat with our families, spend birthdays and Christmas. Home is where we can never be abused; it’s where we will never be looked down upon or feel unloved.  Home is where we dwell in the presence of Christ. It’s where we are one with Him in the midst of our joy and our suffering. Home is where our loving Father can whisper into our ear that we have been chosen.

Let our home be with Christ, let it be that inner place where we walk beside our loving Father and most compassionate God. Let us come home and look into the eyes and heart of Jesus. Our home is the understanding that we are His sons and daughters; we are the heirs of Christ adopted into His kingdom.


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