Beyond Myself

They say that if we do not have a way to express ourselves we will die. Expression has no end nor does it have a beginning. Expression is our thoughts, our pain and our triumphs. We cannot live a life without expression. “Expression is the result of conviction.” Let our lives resound with the expression of God. We are the expression of our loving Father. We are His passion; made in His image through mercy and grace. The promise of eternal life rests within our hearts, our soul longs to be home with the Father. We are strangers in this world; we are lost children trying to find our way back to the home that we so dearly long for. How can I belong to a world that chooses to reap pain and sorrow? How can I live a life without the expression of God? It’s simply like this…I can’t. God has written his word into our hearts and it is calling us back to Him, back into His arms. Though I may struggle to be with Him, I know that He is always with me. There are so may of us that do not and sometimes feel we can not understand God as our father. We have become spiritually frustrated at the emptiness that has found a place within our lives. Hope has now just become a word with little meaning and faith has no assurance. We must hold on to the fact that God is beyond what you can do alone. Let us rest in the fact that we are His beloved.  His love for us is the expression of His victory over death. God has poured all of His soul into our lives; He has chosen us to eternally commune with Him. God is our father, He is our strength in weakness and our rock in this world made of sand.


We no longer live in emptiness.


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